I am Mistress Karolina a world famous Dominatrix, based in Moscow, Russia . I also travel quite often. Now I am in Moscow and will be glad to meet up for a session in my Moscow discreet dungeon based not far from Tverskaya street and all central hotels. I will be glad to share my amazing knowledge of my bdsm experience got in Russia, Austria, London and in the East with my friends. I have been engaged in Fetish, Fantasy & BDSM most of my adult life, have enough experience and am described as an elegant elite high class Mistress.

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" I met Mistress Karolina in a hotel in London during her last stay. The first thing I noticed about her was the friendly and stern stare of her eyes, she was dressed sharply but conservatively. We met in a hotel bar and chatted over glass of wine. She stared into my eyes and explained that she was there to fulfill the things that we talked about in the email, and she commanded we go upstairs that we would privately confirm my limits and she could take full control of the situation. Leaving the bar she was completely discreet and acted as she was a business associate or probably my wife.
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" I feel I must write a review about the session I have just had with the wonderful Mistress Karolina. I visited her at her lovely flat in London which is in a very desirable area. She welcomed me in and she looked a million dollars. Absolutely beautiful Lady with immaculate hair, make up and nails and dressed in beautiful lingerie and high heels. She speaks perfect English and was extremely friendly and welcoming.
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" .... I opened the door and before me was a woman who I can only describe as a goddess. Her perfect hair and make up combined with a perfect black coat gave an impression of power and sensuality that conquered me. As I looked into her eyes I felt as she had an x-ray vision into my wants and needs. Her perfect face filled me with both warmth and fear. "
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"Domina Karolina is a very attractive, with long blond hair and wonderful hands. She has a great body and marvelous feet. And she has a killer smile. She was exactly what I was looking for - someone beautiful who would like hurting me and would do so with a smile on her face. Karolina has a playful sense of humor along with wicked sadism. My session with her began with the warm-up consisted of teasing and light strokes with a riding crop, followed by some nipple being squeezed, pressed and bitten, she did it so deliciously that I was truly in bdsm nirvana! I worshipped her beautiful body and adorable feet. After that she concentrated on CBT, when my cock and balls were tied and teased mercilessly."
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Moscow Mistress Karolina

Bdsm is not only about physical pleasure from sex, but also about getting a psychological satisfaction from being controlled by your Mistress.
( for e.x. Moscow Mistress Karolina ).
These kind of games are exclusively for those who need them and understand. It’s obvious that not everyone will like to be in subjection to the partner or, alternatively, to dominate and exercise power. Bdsm involves peculiar affection, which sometimes border even with painful sensations, which is also not accepted by everybody. This sexual subculture can be in most cases performed by partners who have a high level of confidence. It’s important to use a so-called “stop word” for the play torture not to turn into a real one. Such a word will indicated that the person has ceased to experience pleasure and wants to stop the game of Russia BDSM. It can be difficult to stop the sex game independently for the dominated one and sometimes impossible, as he is often kept in a fixed position. He can be connected and fixed with handcuffs or special devices ( for e.x. by the Russian Dominatrix Karolina) . If you decipher the acronym BDSM (BDSM), we can understand the basic components of this kind of sex: B - bondage. Fixing or restriction of movement of the partner. D - dominance. The power action of one person toward another. SM - sadism, masochism. Sadist is an engaged dominant ( this role can be performed by and the masochist is the one being dominated.)

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